We have an extensive network of qualified and skilled professionals: interpreters, translators, proofreaders, linguists, transcribers, graphic designers… Together, we can meet all your needs.

Technical translation, medical or pharmaceutical translation, legal and sworn translations, and even adaptations of marketing materials : whatever your field of expertise, AeC Translation will ensure its best professionals at your service.

Carefully selected and highly qualified, our translators only translate into their native language and in their own field of expertise.

We select our service providers not only on the basis of their language combinations, but also according to their areas of expertisequalifications and experience, all of which is confirmed through testing.

As a matter of course, your medical questionnaires will be translated by translators specialising in medical translation, while your contracts will be handled by translators who are experienced in legal translation and where required, are certified as sworn translators.

Our interpreters are also hand-picked in order to ensure that your meetings with potential international customers have every chance of success.

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human translation

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of existence

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