Transcription, subtitling and dubbing

Transcription is a formal reproduction of what has been said. Faithful to the oral form, we reproduce what is said, while removing any signs of hesitation and correcting any grammatical errors.

Specialised technical teams

In order to convert your audio or video files into text, into English and into many other languages, including taking care of the time code, we call upon the services of suitably qualified professionals.

Thus, you will have access to digital files in an editable and legible format for translation, subtitling and dubbing purposes, or simply for archiving.

Whether it is the minutes of a meeting to be archived, the proceedings of a conference for publication, or the subtitling of a filmed presentation, our technical teams have the equipment required to meet your needs.

Once transcribed, these texts can be  translated into the language of your choice.



Creating a relationship between the spoken word, the written word and the image, subtitling is a very complex form of adaptation based on two types of transcription: from one language to another and from spoken to written.

The translator’s job is to preserve the speakers’ tone, put the spoken word into written form adhere to the subtitling size required, in order to create text that flows and is as easy to read as possible.

Summaring and adapting speech with a great deal of accuracy requires excellent general knowledge to understand and reproduce any implicit references.



This technique involves replacing a film’s original soundtrack with a new version with translated dialogue. This service involves lengthy preliminary work which, in particular, consists of noting the characters’ lip movements and retranscribing them in the form of signs on a « mastertrack » which resembles a blank film reel.

The adapter then translates the text ensuring lip movements remain synchronised.
Finally, the voices are recorded in the studio. Actors read out the text which appears below the screen. Their voices are then put together and mixed with the original soundtrack.

In addition to linguistic services, AeC Traduction offers a complete service using professional equipment in suitable recording studios with experienced technicians.