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Technical translation, scientific publications, or multicultural marketing projects…

Whatever your request or language requirement, the work we provide is of the highest standard.

When you choose AeC Traduction, you can be sure you will receive a high-quality service. All our translation services include cross-proofreading and strict quality control, compliant with ISO-17000:2015 requirements. We are proud of our expertise and never provide porr quality translations by unqualified people or (worse!) automated translation software.

The Project Manager:
your personal contact

  • When creating a quote, we analyse your needs and work with you to define your requirements.
  • We choose the most suitable translators and coordinate the translation and its revision.
  • We take care of formatting if your document layout is complex and/or update any files for IT and localisation projects.
  • We ensure effective communication between you and all our service providers and contact you directly if there are any questions.


For your project, we carefully select translators and proofreaders whose skills match your area of expertise.

Translators, interpreters, proofreaders, linguists, experts in specialist fields, etc. All our service providers are qualified professionals selected after having completed extensive internal tests, assessed by their peers.

We pride ourselves in using the most qualified and best suitable service providers for your projects to meet your terminological, stylistic and technical requirements.


Thanks to our highly effective management system, all of the translators, proofreaders, linguists, consultants and other experts involved in your project are able to communicate directly with each other and exchange information on a dedicated and completely secure forum.

Qualified, specialised translators

Technical translation, scientific publications, or multicultural marketing projects, etc. Whatever your request or whichever language you need, the work we provide is always of the highest standard: our qualified service providers are recognised as experts in their field of specialisation and only translate into their native language.

Managing all your files

Our team of graphic designers will replicate the page layout of your original files so that you receive your translated documents ready for use. Whether it is a marketing brochure, product packaging, or a website, the files you receive will have an identical page layout, translated into one or more languages, depending on your requirements.

Do you want to reintegrate the translated texts into your media yourself and reduce costs ?

We return your translated texts in a Word or Excel file, presented in two columns so that your layout designers can easily identify the text, sentence by sentence, and then we offer you a final check of the finished documents.

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